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Willie taylor dating

Colby James and Willie Jones later confirmed his claim, by showing off their bloody injuries!They revealed that the show was probably going to be rescheduled.For the American football player, see Willie Taylor (American football).For other people with similar names, see William Taylor (disambiguation).Taylor Caniff has revealed the REAL reason why they cancelled today’s Magcon Tour date.Although the official account simply said it was cancelled due to “unfortunate events”, he told fans that it was actually due to a bloody fistfight.Although nobody knew what “unfortunate events” actually transpired, Taylor Caniff decided to spill everything on Twitter.He told fans that a couple of them were “jumped” for “no reason”.

While it wasn’t completely shady, Mona told Willie and Shanda that a woman from Willie‘s past had agreed to appear on the show.

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood The mistress Kyesha went to a club where Shanda was supposed to perform and sang a song of her own.

She taunts Shanda about her affair with Willie Taylor before attacking her.

On the finale of the show Shanda packs up and leave Willie. Same time he was in a relationship with Shanda, his now wife.

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  2. Almost overnight, Nishi began capitalizing on his youthful look — a trait that makes him particularly appealing to his fans (mostly the younger set and women, he says).