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Comedian Tim Heidecker’s in-character endorsement of Trump is one of the only bits of pre-election satire that holds up and has somehow become funnier.

Heidecker, playing his delusional self-involved alter ego on , reads a marginally coherent prepared speech.

Both women wanted to fall in love and marry but “not with any guy”, says Yelena an attractive, healthy looking 51-year-old, who has the authoritative voice of a manager. Walk the streets of Moscow, visit coffee shops and restaurants, pop into private apartments – there they are, lonely Russian women sitting around together with other lonely women.

They routinely dress as if for an opera or a fashion show.

Long, fanned hair streams down their slim figures, legs sharpened by high heels. A parliament member responsible for information, Vadim Dengin, talks about the “popular fashion” for young, good-looking women to “hunt” for men, “keeping in mind a man’s finances as a priority criteria”.

But on finding and marrying one – even one as rich as Croesus – many Russian women feel trapped.

Tatiana Navka, the wife of Dmitry Peskov, appeared on Russian reality show and performed in the striped uniform of concentration camp victims complete with the yellow Star of David which Jewish people were forced to wear by the Nazis.

Excepteur sint occaecat cupidatat non proident, sunt in culpa qui officia deserunt mollit anim id est laborum.For Heidecker, Trump’s movement is a vortex of incoherence straining toward meaning but falling short even of platitude.It’s empowering to see Heidecker’s character inch toward this revelation as he speaks.Her daughter Yekaterina, known as Katia, was nine years old at the time of the divorce.The wife of Vladimir Putin’s powerful spokesman has provoked outrage by performing a Holocaust-themed ice skating routine on Russian TV reality show.

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