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Lacey-Mae Schwimmer is an American dancer/ singer, and a reality TV star who was born on the 28th of June, 1988 and her current age is 26 years of age.

She was born in Redlands, California, United States into a middle class family, where her father was a pharmacist and her other was a dance teacher.

An American by nationality, she belongs to white ethnicity.It seems they got board with the being good plot and attempted to turn the main character into a "villain" but even worse than he was before.It's pointly since the whole thing is based around the over rated minions.Here are some of the greatest dancers from The contemporary dancer competed in season five but was eliminated after making the Top 6. He danced with Beyoncé at the 2010 Grammy Awards and was in Rihanna’s “Hard” music video. The season 6 and 7 contestant is working more in theater.He is working on a project called The God Complex, which is immersive theater.

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