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Dereks school of dating

“It literally feels like you are breaking up with somebody every time, and it can be heartbreaking.

It’s better not to get [romantically] involved.” 4. Although he’s no longer a practicing Mormon, Hough doesn’t drink alcohol or coffee when he’s working on a show.

Scott went behind Derek's back in formulating a plan to stop Gerard by replacing his cancer medication with mountain ash so that he would reject the bite.

Hough can also add author to his growing list of credits.

His memoir hit stands in August of 2014 and rapidly was named to the prestigious New York Times Best-Seller list during two non-consecutive time periods.

She wasn't too keen on the idea of dating the hyper-cocky Hale at first, but soon, Paige fell victim to his charms, and the couple became inseparable.

Peter urged Derek to bite her, lest he lose her when she inevitably found out her boyfriend's true identity, but Derek refused.

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