Dating wfl drums

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Dating wfl drums

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According to the 1960 catalogue, these drums had no internal muffler / dampener.

By the time the 1964 Ludwig catalogue came out, many of the drum’s features had been upgraded.

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The drum is made up of a 3 ply shell with maple reinforcement rings.

It featured six self-aligning lugs and triple flange hoops.

Arbiter said that he was so proud that he had an imported drum set from America, especially from a famous company like Ludwig, that at the time of purchase he insisted on having the Ludwig name painted on the front of the head!Sizes are 12x8, 13x9, 16x16, 24x14, and rare matching 5x14 snare drum. View full product details → Ludwig 3 piece Club Date in Psychedelic Red, circa late 1960s. View full product details → 1966 4x14 Ludwig Downbeat snare drum in mint condition, with all original parts, including snare wires.Interiors are 3 ply maple/poplar/maple with reinforcement rings and painted white interiors. The wrap and chrome are both flawless on this drum, which is truly one... had been a professional drummer, playing with circuses and touring vaudeville shows, along with the occasional skating-rink gig.Since this work was irregular, he and his brother, Theobald, opened a drum shop in Chicago; they called it Ludwig & Ludwig.

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The company added new products to its catalog, such as snare drums and timpani in 1916. William Ludwig stayed on to run the company for Conn (which also owned the Leedy Drum Co. Eventually, William Ludwig decided to leave Conn and start a new company of his own.

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