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Consolidating company pensions

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The €215m Dutch pension fund of General Electric’s Artesia Bank has decided to liquidate and join its parent company’s cross-border pension fund in Belgium.

By rolling over your plan balance to an IRA, you can consolidate all your investments into one account and track them more easily.

If you roll over to a Roth IRA, you must include the untaxed amount in your gross income for the year in which you do the rollover.

It can be a minefield because there are dozens of different types of pension scheme and each one has its own particular set of variations.

It added that, under Belgian rules, the cross-border scheme also would have better indexation perspectives.

In a letter to its 1,150 participants and pensioners, the board said that pension rights were scheduled to be transferred into the European scheme during the first quarter of 2017.

The bank plans to cease operations in the Netherlands this year.

Our pension consolidation service brings order to your retirement plans and restores the key purpose of your pensions – to help you retire comfortably.

The result is a simplified, effective and consolidated pension plan.

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Access to a Superfund would require a sponsoring employer to put their hand in their pocket and pay a premium to hive off their liabilities, but it would seem that PLSA believe that this could be cheaper than the current buyout model.

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