Android xmlpullparserfactory isvalidating

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The XML file needs to be a valid XML GUI * definition.

* * @param schema Id the name of the schema that should be used to validate the XML file * @param input Stream Xml the input stream of the XML file, this stream will be closed by this function * @return the Nifty Type that was load from the XML file * @throws Exception in case the loading fails at any point */ e.print Stack Trace(); Log.e("abstract XMLParser.

APK file format is similar to other software packages including DEB in Debian based operating system and MSI in Windows operating system.

Android provides three types of XML parsers which are DOM, SAX and XMLPull Parser.

Among all of them android recommend XMLPull Parser because it is efficient and easy to use.

Let’s head to a simple example with `Xml Pull Parser`, still using the template XML and output from previous articles.

Study; public class Study Parser – Use: `get Event Type()` to get the current event state. – To get text content of current tag, use `next Text()`.

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Android recommends to use XMLPull Parser to parse the xml file than SAX and DOM because it is fast. Xml Pull Parser interface provides the functionality to parse the XML document using XMLPull Parser.

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